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Bedizzole Marching Band

The Bedizzole Marching Show Band is a young group, full of musicians and constantly growing. After 126 years of activity as a musical band, in 2006 it transformed into the group you see today thanks to Aldo Bettini, who had the idea of introducing a type of musical group in the Brescia area that was almost unknown until then. The Bedizzole Marching Show Band immediately began to participate in the events organized by IMSB, achieving excellent results both on a musical and formal level. Among the greatest satisfactions of these young people is that of receiving numerous national and international invitations, which allow them to participate in various types of musical events and to increasingly spread the art of “marching band”.

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Aldo Bettini: Founder

Aldo Bettini: President and Band DirectorWhen he read a stave for the first time he was only twelve. Even from the very first lessons he felt a great interest and he understood to have a gift for the music.

When he finished his studies he attended many specialized music courses and in a very short time he became the solo trumpet and the executive secretary of Bedizzole Marching Band. He collaborated with many citizens’ bands and music groups of every kind, ballroom dance orchestras and folk rock groups, always with great success.

Then he took up a new challenge: becoming director. He directed parades and concerts and bring with honor our Italian flag to New York, Spain, Holland, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, France. He also directed the DRUMS&FANFARE ACADEMY where he taught music.

Latest pride: in 2006 he founded the BEDIZZOLE MARCHING BAND, a group of young and even younger instrumentalists who enjoy themselves with music and choreographies, and study the MARCHING BAND rudiments with great care.


1) Flutes and Clarinets
  • Ferrante Alfredo
  • Rebaicini Serena
  • Orsato Nicola
  • Franzoni Ilaria
2) Saxophones
  • Spassini Matteo
  • Mantovani Anna
  • Viviani Armando
  • Morelli Stefano
3) Trumpets
  • Leali Valentina
  • Sigurtà Nicola
  • Venturoli Giovanni
  • Panni Sara
  • Marai Andrea
  • Mantovani Clara
  • Rovetta Diego
4) Mellophones
  • Alberti Laura
  • Ferrari Sergio
  • Leali Bruno
  • Zanola Lorena Piera
5) Euphoniums
  • Piceni Daniele
  • Rebecchi Matteo
6) Susaphones
  • Ventura Gualtiero
7) Percussions
  • Bettinetti Nicola
  • Bresciani Christian
  • Pasinetti Mattia
  • Viviani Veronica
  • D’addio Rodolfo
  • Biemmi Marco
  • Vedovello Emanuele
8) Color Guards
  • Biemmi Erika
  • Pasetti Nicole
  • Lombardi Rebecca
9) Staff
  • Rebaicini Adriano
  • Scalvini Edoardo
  • Bettinetti Franco
  • Marai Alessandro
  • Ragnoli Mario

Band Director: Nicola Orsato

Drum Major: Nicola Orsato

The Association

Council Organigram, B.O.D. list 2022/2023

President Rebecchi Matteo
Vice President Bresciani Christian
Treasury Manager Viviani Armando
Secretary Biemmi Erika
Registry and offices Spassini Matteo